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After School Clubs and Activities

After School Clubs
Art Club
Hosted by Ms. Amanda, our schools Art Therapist, the Art Club is a great way to relax after a long day of classes, giving you the opportunity to express your creativity while simultaneously allowing you to interact and make friends with the other club participants. There is supplies already here at the school in order for you to create whatever you see fit. Things ranging from paint, markers, spray paint, all kinds of paper, and even yarn! You could even bring your own supplies and share your work with others!
We meet Wednesdays in room 3S36, Ms. Bernadine's room. Feel free to drop by and make as many masterpieces as you wish!
Welcome one and all to GEMS, a group created in order to help empower the females at our school and give them the confidence to be their most authentic selves. Whether you're biologically female or female identifying, you’re welcome to come and join. In GEMS, we discuss real life problems and issues we want to speak out on, giving our opinions on the matter and discussing ways that they could potentially be solved. We often have lunch prepared, and it is an amazing place to just sit down, chill, and have a chat. If this in any way interests you, don't hesitate to stop by. 
We meet on Mondays in room 3S36 during 8th period, so feel free to come and hang out.
The Food Club
The Food Club is a group that seeks to explore other cultures through the many different types of cuisines that are made around the world. Each month, we conduct research and watch videos as we deep dive into a chosen culture, learning all we can about it and sharing the information we’ve gathered amongst each other. We seek to complete at least one community service project per month in order to help out and make the community a better place. After we complete our community service, we go and eat in a restaurant that serves many dishes from the culture we were learning about. This allows us to try the various meals we’ve been researching, and in turn lets us further connect with the culture.
We meet on Thursdays during 8th period in room 4E8, so don’t miss out. See Ms. Boyd if you are interested.
Student Activities
Student Government
The Student Government, a great group focused on bettering the school and making it a more welcoming and enjoyable place for students, whether it be by bettering the school curriculum, thinking of ways that we could improve the overall look of the school, raising money in order to fund things that we may want to do in school, or coming up with good trip ideas that could help raise student morale and give them another incentive to get all of their work done. We are constantly working in order to improve our school community and make your time here at YCD as amazing as it can be.
 Official meetings are on Friday's during 8th period in room 3S36. See Ms. Bernadine for additional information and any questions you may have.